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Meet Sean O Neill launch well received…

By Joel Jelen

Wellbeing Ubiquity’s Joel Jelen had the honour of compering the Meet Sean O’Neill (MSO) event last month at Sapporo in Liverpool.

It was a conversational format interviewing Sean and guest speakers on the night who included Linzie Cooper Liam Hanlon David McDermott Eddie Read Dawn Tolcher and even Sean’s mum who was centre stage at the end in an emotional tribute by Sean, thanking her for everything so far.

All of them spoke of working with Sean professionally and mixing socially, with Liam telling the story of Sean’s determination in literally surviving an epic adventure climbing the 7,129m Baruntse Mountain in Eastern Nepal – as you do.

We’ve known Sean for around six years and we both share a passion for self development as do all the guest speakers.

Sean arrived in the city some 20 years ago and found he had more of a passion for immersing himself in the business fabric of the city than he did pursuing his professional snooker player career after a leading amateur one on the global circuit.

Apprehensive about making mention of his large portfolio of businesses, partners and networks until recently, we’re glad he agreed the go ahead for his team to put this initiative together.

As I confided in Sean a few times over the years, it’s not showing off sharing what you’ve achieved and also sharing the knowledge of how you’ve done it, investing in more than 30 businesses and helping so many people with seminal advice.

Sean is one of the good guys who just wants to see other people do well.

MSO plans to bring more visionaries, thought leaders, and changemakers from various fields together at further events.

Critically, the MSO Foundation is offering a £75,000 grant to support people in the city of Liverpool along with an MSO Investment Fund – a £250k investment into businesses and people.

Last month was a celebration of innovation, creativity and the power of human connection.
Thank you again for inviting us.


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