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Acclaimed burlesque dancer close to Vegas – with your help

By Joel Jelen

Little Peaches performing burlesque in her wheelchair all over the world

Little Peaches is passionate about spreading the word on disability performance.

She’s a serial networker having opened up many doors through what is now her main focus – performing burlesque in her wheelchair across the planet.

Empowered by the art of burlesque, Little Peaches is hugely dedicated with her message firmly focused on encouraging everyone to participate in the arts.

She also produces a show called DisabiliTease that features disabled performers of different disciplines globally.

“The show is hopefully coming back to Liverpool late this year” she said. “Plus I’ve been selected to compete at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas next month and the Merseyside community and far beyond, especially the disabled and neurodivergent community are raising money to get me there. It’s the Olympics of burlesque and I’ll be the second wheelchair user to ever to compete in 30+ years,” said Little Peaches proudly. “I applied to the competition by sending two video performances and the judges loved both!”

She also teaches meditative dance and explains “you can dance with your breath”.

Little Peaches has been a dancer since the age of 5 and although a condition –  Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which can make it excruciatingly painful to move changed her life, she feels like she’s a better dancer now.

“Friends pushed me on to dance again when I was hospitalised and after i was released, I’ve made it my mission and now look what’s happened!

“My life has been changed by burlesque and I want to share my story far and wide to inspire others.”

She calls Liverpool her favourite place in the world, mostly because of the people.

Although she hasn’t been able to dance since October 2022, she’s now all set to make her comeback, hopefully with the support required to get her to Vegas.

Her condition means that Peaches has had to not only completely rethink how she danced and performed but also meant that she now faced more barriers than ever before as “the world is simply not made for disabled people.”

“A simple exciting trip to the US now has to factor in direct flights to help minimise the risk of my wheelchair being lost in transit, extra time to recoup in case the travel causes a flare, hotels at airports due to the length of the travel in the UK to get to a direct flight, and so much more.”

Little Peaches has also been there to validate and support many people throughout their disabled journeys, whether it be physical, invisible, chronic, and mental health.



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