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By Joel Jelen

I attended the BIPC Liverpool Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and LCR Finance Hub networking mash up recently.

Amongst the panel was Timothy Barnes who has more accolades for entrepreneurship than I have hats…Tim, his ‘street’ name, wears decent hats too.

A cornerstone of Tim’s point to the full house in attendance about Liverpool City Region firms was about ambition.

Paraphrasing, Liverpool is characterised by micro businesses rather than those with ambitious growth strategies.

Well, Ubiquity’s latest client is anything but the former.

Birkenhead-based SiMed Global is a health technologies firm focused on shaking up the world of diagnostics.

I repeatedly share with my networks that working with firms who inspire you and/or genuinely make a difference is our main focus and driver.

Simed Global are making that difference – bringing life-changing medical devices to the market that will allow for instant screening for population diseases, with results in 50 seconds.

They are just the kind of company Tim was eulogising about.

The company currently employs 15 people with its headquarters based at Woodside Business Park, with local resident Dr Patrick Druggan as its Chief Scientific Officer. It also has offices in Newcastle and London.

Founder and diagnostics influencer Simon Maurer began the business four years ago and has attracted significant private equity investment to date totalling £1.75m.

He is currently in talks with further investors in the North West region and UK and is also visiting India this month. This is to discuss distribution opportunities for major companies with operations based there but with a global reach.

Maurer cites the volume of unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics and how this leads to the development of antibiotic resistance as a major driver in initially establishing the business.

Team photo by RAY FARLEY


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