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Another Wellbeing Ubiquity highlight in May with national coverage

By Joel Jelen

Did you see Telegraph Travel this month…all about Liverpool, by Chris Moss.

If any journalist or in fact, anyone not from the city asks our founder Joel Jelen about Liverpool, he can only tell it from the heart.

Genuinely cool to see Liverpool’s finest landlady bar none Fiona Hornsby typically in the mix.

Howard Lewis Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village – wise words.

If you want a copy, just email us please.

Here’s an extract:

Liverpool, perhaps more than other cities, is really about people. Not everyone loves Liverpudlians, but most agree they are distinctive.

Joel Jelen, a Londoner who relocated to Liverpool, has worked for almost two decades promoting the city’s food, drink and entertainment sectors. He maintains Liverpool doesn’t have to try too hard to seduce non-natives.

“Regardless of the huge strides Liverpool’s made from the blight of the 1980s, it shares a spirit, a hardiness, and a warmth.

“So much so, that if you could can it, you could sell it to other UK cities as a template for success in tourism alone. Imagine being a visitor and made to feel so welcome because people go out of their way to help you. That’s Liverpool. Kindness runs through the hearts of so many people here.”


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