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Beach Boxing – the community gig done with love

By Joel Jelen

A business colleague of ours the other day quipped that he wasn’t into pugilism when we mentioned John Bullock and his Beach Boxing UK support group

As any experienced practitioner of boxing knows, what John Bullock does and purely on a community basis is to help people with their confidence, in which ever way they need more.

John’s sessions are very inclusive, as you’d expect if you know John, and in spite of all the success he’s had in more than 30 years in business, helping others with their health remains John’s passion.

Author John dedicates himself all year round to helping people with their mental health through free online courses he’s devised with a background knowledge that helped him through tough times.

To us he’s a typical Liverpool lad and all the positivity that comes with that.

He also displays true kindness because he’s kind to himself and kind to others. If you’re not kind enough to yourself, that is not true kindness.

Kindness is part of our emotions in what’s known as the soothing system – the list including contentment, serenity, satisfaction, absorption in an activity, equanimity, appreciation, relaxation, fun, playfulness, wonder, affection, empathy, love, and compassion.

We learnt this in a great Mindfulness course that Nicola Forshaw hosted many years ago.

And as John will tell you, “it’s so much easier to experience the feeling from exercise and sport and it’s impact on your mental health compared with the feeling of just reading about it on the Google*.

Beach Boxing. 7am. Every Friday. New Brighton Beach.

More details via

*Scouse for Google

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