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Being in Flow, the Antidote to Negative Stress at Work

By Joel Jelen

Ubiquity has been fortunate enough over three decades to have worked with many high performing individuals, directly as clients and through mutual rewards with contacts.

Last night was a continuation of that, representing John Bullock of Pain Point Coach following the launch of his book Find Your Flow:

Also present were fellow authors and clients Kim Rutherford and Dave Kelly who gave a brief insight into their inspiration as writers.

Amongst the audience, was Paul Sculthorpe MBE who needs no introduction plus Ronnie Green, five times World Thai Boxing Champion.

Then there were all the great like-minded entrepreneurs like Clare Ellis from this week’s Wellness In The City, community-driven organisations and others, curious about the growing wellness business community across Merseyside and the North West.

We’ll be amongst our aligned interests again on Friday with Clare and you can read more and purchase tickets here:

Meanwhile, thanks to The Bridewell legends Fiona and Dom, John for allowing us to represent, so many of our address book for supporting…what a great start to a year of wellbeing events with ubiquity and

Finally, a thought on Flow. Whilst events are attritional, it’s really about positive stress, albeit very little because we’re working in a (wellbeing) space that we love. When you find your passion, respect the overwhelm, and arm yourself with a wellbeing strategy, you get Flow whilst using as much practical knowledge to lead a sustainable working life. Surely everyone wants one of those?

We’ll keep you posted on what’s next.

For now though, keep wellthy.

All photos courtesy of Ray Farley photography


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