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Ecoflix Is the Future

By Joel Jelen

‘Ecoflix is the future.’ So says Pebble Mag and we agree!

Want to watch programmes with a purpose that drive change? Meet Ecoflix, the brand new global streaming platform that launched this November in time for COP26.

Make a difference with what you watch with the brand new global streaming platform, Ecoflix.

Launched on 9 November 2021, Ecoflix aims to raise awareness of the efforts being done to meet three of the United Nations’ Sustainable development Goals – Climate Action, Life Below Water and Life On Land through a series of programmes.

Here’s how it works and what viewers can expect.

What Is Ecoflix?

Ecoflix is the world’s first global non-profit streaming platform focused on producing its own shows that are dedicated to wildlife conservation and stabilising the planet.

Viewers can watch a range of original documentaries and feature programming free with their subscription.

One highlight includes the weekly news review programme the Pulse hosted by Eco Advocate and Co-Founder of Kids Against Plastic, Ella Meek.

Viewers can also watch the flagship show Eco-Trailblazers and a wildlife series for the next generation called On Safari with Nala.

There will also be free access to a sample selection of the Ecoflix back catalogue, user-generated submissions (the first time a streaming platform has done this) and a pilot of each programme.

It will also be a free educational resource for over 9,000 schools around the UK.

The platform is the brainchild of American philanthropist and animal advocate David Casselman.

The content has been developed and produced by a multi-BAFTA and Emmy award winning team, headed up by Fresh Start Media Creative Director, Marshall Corwin.

Watch With a Purpose

Thanks to Ecoflix, a night in watching the box has a purpose. One month of the streaming platform’s annual subscription is donated to a partner non-profit organisation of your choosing.

This is part of its Circle of Giving campaign in which donations are encouraged and easily facilitated.

Supporting global non-profits include The Born Free Foundation, Project Everyone, The United Nations’ Trillion Tree Campaign and National Park Rescue.

The non-profit entity also has its own charity, Ecoflix Foundation which works in the field rescuing and supporting wildlife across the globe.

This included a project collaborating with other NGOs, non-profit partners and the singer/songwriter Cher to rescue Kaavan, the world’s loneliest elephant in a Pakistani zoo.

He’s now been relocated to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia.

The Ecoflix Foundation is also involved in a campaign to secure the release of Billy the elephant from a zoo in Los Angeles. You can watch how they get on and learn about Billy’s plight in the original documentary, Free Billy only on Ecoflix.

The strong focus on these non-profit partnerships is all about encouraging viewers to help make a real difference.

Every original production will include actionable advice and suggestions to help them be a part of the solution no matter how small the step.

If you experience eco anxiety or overwhelm then this could be a way to tackle it and feel more optimistic about helping to drive change.

How to Sign Up to Ecoflix

Viewers can watch online as well as on iOS and Android via the app stores.

Viewers can select the ‘Changemaker’ premium membership at $3.99 a month (billed annually) or pay $6.99 monthly to access all content.

The membership fees fund Ecoflix, with 100% of profits going towards natural world campaigns that The Ecoflix Foundation supports.

Ecoflix will also have a free area accessible to everyone where viewers can watch pilot episodes of each series, the platform’s back catalogue and user-generated content.

Many thanks to Francesca Brooking and Georgina at Pebble Magazine


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