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Health and Wellbeing Initiative in Liverpool Takes Off…

By Joel Jelen

Wellness In The City Attracts Leading City Players

 Some of Liverpool’s leading lights and influencers in wellbeing have signed up to Wellness In The City taking place next month.

Author and social entrepreneur Natalie Reeves Billing, motivational speaker and founder of Daisy UK Dave Kelly (pictured), former UK kick boxing champion and Flow coach John Bullock, breathing education expert Joel Jelen, and disability activist Phil Peel, founder of The Accessible Guide headline some of the names delivering masterclasses at the event being held at the Spine in Paddington Village on January 27, 2023.

Clare Ellis, the brainchild behind the initiative says “momentum is building as we approach that typical month in the year when we think more about wellbeing than any other.”

She continued: “January is full of resolutions and they often focus on our health…we’re looking to help build a more sustainable year-long approach to wellness and inspire people through our team of experts, guest speakers and exhibitors.”

Clare maintains that it’s not just about the event. “We have four female entrepreneurs who have come together to create a series of wellness events throughout 2023 and beyond and this is just the start for Liverpool. Everyone involved as a supporter, whether an exhibitor, speaker and/or sponsor will be brand-building their way into the hearts and minds of everyone attending the event and via the marketing campaign now ongoing and continuing beyond January 27th.”

Wellness In The City has also signed up influential Liverpool medic Dr Ed, workplace wellbeing expert Kim Rutherford of 8 Wise Ways, legendary health and wellbeing-oriented retailer Matta’s, and social care organisation Expect Ltd.

For tickets, to book an exhibition space and a masterclass visit


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