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Liverpool Wellness In The City Event “Catalyst in Region Health Drive”

By Joel Jelen

A group of experienced and passionate wellbeing practitioners have come together to create a unique event in Liverpool this autumn.

Wellness In The City taking place on October 7th at The Spine in Paddington Village is aiming to educate and raise awareness of all the options available in the Merseyside wellness arena.

The project in part has been driven by the city’s poor standing in the health league tables over the decades and founder Clare Ellis believes the event is just the start for companies, organisations, and the public to be better informed about accessible options for creating and maintaining future wellbeing.

Clare said: “My colleagues and I had this vision during the height of the pandemic of bringing together the full range of wellness options in the Liverpool region under one roof so we’ve compiled what will be a unique event for the sector. 

“We’ll be working with providers across the industry, hosting a day-long event at The Spine, educating, inspiring and raising awareness of what is available.”

“We strongly believe there is a personal and corporate responsibility to drive sickness levels downwards in Liverpool and across the wider Merseyside region and we know we are well placed to make an impactful start on that. 

“I’ve already spoken with numerous companies and organisations about collaborating, along with many of the innovative practitioners who are looking to participate in the event.

“Everybody has commented that they like the fact that it’s very much an inclusive and fully accessible event and we are really optimistic that this can be a catalyst in more people being more mindful of self-care as well as having the knowledge of where to look to enhance their well-being and be more forward-thinking in that process too.”

Clare’s partners in the initiative include Margaret Bell, an experienced gut health expert, Claire Morton, a well-known wellbeing specialist in the region for more than two decades and event management specialist Rachel Riches.

Margaret said: “A lot of people I work with are looking for hope, inspiration, knowledge and awareness around their health and this day-long initiative will give people some more control over their well-being, inspire them, help them to connect and create trustworthy links across all the advice being given by experts taking part in the event.”

Claire agreed: “Knowing the options to improve wellness opens the door to better health. This event is a great opportunity for people whether they are leaders in business, manage an organisation or are drawn from the public to recognise the evidence presented on the day, of how much having a wellness outlook on life impacts our health.

“We always wanted to make the event inclusive because it’s about working together to make a real difference to people’s lives, tell them what’s available, perhaps for the first time in their experience and do so by bringing together practitioners in the industry all in one space. We have doctors and therapists already on board, working in both conventional and complimentary medicine to help those who for example, feel like their own experience of the medical profession has failed them. We know this is all too common from our research and feedback.”

City wellbeing advocate Joel Jelen, part of the marketing team behind the whole event believes the programme on the day is a genuinely exciting prospect and builds on previous city and regional discussions around hosting such a project that never previously transpired.

“I know the organisers both personally and professionally and they are driven to make this work, have great connections in commerce and wellness, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Wellness In The City come to fruition. No doubt, many benefits will be created for future events in 2023 to build or what will be achieved in October.”


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