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Metrobank’s Shmoozy Night Out With Simon Rimmer…

By Joel Jelen

After critiquing the customer service from HSBC as a business owner, I decided to move to Metrobank a few years back. It’s like going from the sublime to the ridiculous in a very positive way.

From no help to a hugely proactive team of people led by Gary Owens, thank you for the invitation and the event initiative last night with Simon Rimmer, really enjoyed it and made some great contacts! Sugar Ray Farley was on hard as standard.

Also big thanks to sponsors GAD solicitors, Pro Liverpool, and The Anfield Wrap for the questions to Simon enabling a ubique insight into running scaled-up businesses.

Great to see fantastic Sefton charity Expect Limited in the room, very well represented by Kevin Byrne. And as always, Pain Point Coach founder John Bullock, seen chatting with the team from Wellness In The City behind in Liverpool in January 2023 at The Spine, home to the Royal College of Physicians.


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