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MIBA’s the Event of the Year!

By Joel Jelen

What a night we had the MIBA’s!

Thank you to Morecrofts LLP and their MIBA’s for a night of integrity, connecting, fun, laughs, foot flinging, quality cuisine from Titanic Hotels, and slick presentations from Ellie Phillips & dad/legend Roger Phillips along with Liverpool BID Company’s Bill Addy.

Joel Jelen was privileged guest of client Blankstone Opticians and Mark Blankstone – a set of eternal winners amongst the other winners on the night.

Congratulations to you all.

Thank you to Alison Lobb, Julie Johnson and Rebecca Keegan for being the people you are and to the Morecrofts’ team for putting on such a scintillating show.

530 people, we counted most of them, only slightly less on the dance floor after the awards throwing shapes too…i appreciate you Morecrofts Solicitors LLP and the happy memories created from the night.


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