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Natalie’s Scoop for Merseyside, Manchester and the UK

By Joel Jelen

Social entrepreneur Natalie Reeves Billing revealed on Liverpool Live radio yesterday about being invited nationally to do what she is so passionate about…she’s been selected to join the Liverpool leg of a UK-wide initiative Share Your Story by the BBC who have been celebrating 100 years.

Natalie will be alongside Sam Quek and other personalities representing careers in creative industries within Merseyside, visiting high schools across November talking to students about their career dreams and goals and sharing her stories and tips.

“This is huge for me and our CIC, Split Perspectivz” said Natalie “which is all about helping others to share their story and understand other people’s stories.

“My work with Liverpool Year of Spoken Word, my radio segment on Liverpool Live #LiverpoolSpeaks and my City column in the Liverpool Echo are all about giving people a voice.

“It all ties in really well with the BBC campaign as does the message behind my latest book Where is My Smile which is being picked up along with my other books on the back of Share Your Story what is fantastic! My focus has always been around the fact that children understand feelings and thoughts, both their own and that of others.

“It’s been a massive passion of mine, from my Monstrous Me collection which helps children look at stories from multiple viewpoints through to my Bernie and Boatie book, which takes children into the mindset of a young Bernie Hollywood OBE, as he takes his epic journey across the sea for the Samaritans.”

Natalie and her team are focused on her latest Builder Book project right now which from a Liverpool base, is attracting attention from Manchester and further afield across the UK are numerous councils recognised its community value for mental wellbeing, especially amongst young people.


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