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Start Your Week Calm…

A calming breathing technique to start your week. Slowing your breathing rate down is a tried and tested way to give you a positive boost for your Monday. Many of us breathe far too quickly and this creates a shallow breath…often from the chest. Slowing the breath to 7 or 8 breaths a minute is […]

Our Second Event Launch of the Week! Well Done Kim and The Bridewell!

Being In Flow, The Antidote To Negative Stress At Work Last night at The Bridewell for the launch of their private event space and Kim Rutherford – Dalton‘s book launch 8 Wise Ways. Thanks to Fiona Hornsby Dominic Hornsby and Kim for asking Ubiquity PR to organise. Very happy that Kim sold lots of books on the night, a really good turnout […]

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