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By Joel Jelen

I was at Morecrofts LLP‘ midweek with the gaffer Alison Lobb and colleague Charles Millett, a partner in the long established firm.

Joining us was Wellness In The City Liverpool founder Clare Ellis whose expo takes place next Friday April 19th at Hilton Hotel Liverpool (see comments for tickets link).

A thought struck me about Morecrofts in conversation last week with marketing and comms dynamo at the company Rebecca Keegan.

The Morecrofts’ brand is the expo’s lead sponsor in 2024 and a very good fit because they convey in actions not just words, all that a forward thinking enterprise should be in looking after the welfare of their team.

Morecrofts and Ubiquity have a good history and I’ve got to know managing partner Alison, Charles, Rebecca and business operations partner Julie Johnson to the extent that all of them lead by example.

Aside from conveying a tremendous work ethic, they’ve gone way, way beyond just looking at the bottom line in the business.

Setting up the MIB awards several years ago is evidence of that…rewarding hundreds of organisations for their success.

And when I look back to when we first got to know each other, there was an empathy there right from the start and it ran through the team.

Advocates and practitioners of workplace wellbeing and workplace culture always include in their pitch how developing a strong wellness ethic pays huge dividends in the sustainability of a company or organisation.

When i cast an eye at how successful Morecrofts’ have been over the decades, that’s not been down to some good fortune.

Alison explains the brand’s philosophy and outlook better than me.

“Any business, no matter its size, is only as good as its team. After 210 years in business, Morecrofts has learnt a few things about the importance of genuine positive workplace culture!

“By putting systems, policies and initiatives in place, which can suit even the smallest of budgets, employers can encourage a healthy workforce. This in turn lends itself to a fair work-life balance for everyone involved and ultimately funnels to an increase in company revenue. Happy staff result in happy clients.

“I am delighted to be supporting the Wellness In The City Expo. All over the country, similar large scale exhibitions have been taking place for several years, so to see something arrive in Liverpool and be running for a second year is fantastic. Morecrofts will be there to talk to colleagues about internal staff initiatives and workplace benefits and we are looking forward to discussing lots of new ideas with other employers.”

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