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“Those of you with young kids will know that when they see a puddle, they love to jump up and down in it,” writes Joel Jelen

By Joel Jelen

I don’t know why.

I go into young kid mode but for a different reason when I spot a big puddle.

And I do know why!

I love getting the camera out and capturing reflections of our beautiful listed buildings in the city from the puddles. The silver-lining from all the rain in Liverpool.

I was at Sedulo (located opposite the Liverpool Town Hall pictured after I spotted a huge puddle) earlier with Connor Roberts and, Clare Ellis from Wellness In The City Liverpool finalising plans for our private event.

It’s called Ritual taking place on Tuesday evening February 27th.

Sedulo is a leader in adopting workplace wellbeing as part of their ESG strategy and they deserve huge praise for that.

We’ve begun what we aim to be a regular collaboration with several partners who are brilliant in their field and it’s going to be a fun and interactive evening with loads of wellbeing hints and tips to takeaway and use daily, hence the Ritual brand.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time outside of work over the last decade doing the wellbeing and work/life balance thing.

And I’ve generated many ideas as a result of the downtime that have transformed into brands, strategies, plans and creative awareness campaigns.

Some of that has involved staring into puddles with the lens and snapping away rather than staying in the office trying too hard to generate the inspiration to complete something.

I’m not saying that if you’re in a muddle, go and stare in a puddle.

More just that it’s ok to give yourself a breather, be less tough on yourself, avoid perfection and enjoy life as well as still smash it in business.

And if you can bring out the young kid in you at the same time, even better!


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