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Ubiquity Collective roused by dramatically good news from Liverpool Place Partnership event

By Joel Jelen

Client Novotel Paddington Village were proud hosts yesterday of the latest in a series of ongoing events from Liverpool Place Partnership.

Colin Sinclair from Knowledge Quarter alongside Gavin Quinn from Growth Platform spoke about MIPIM and the bright future for Liverpool’s Science & Innovation industries.

It was also great to hear Novotel GM Howard Lewis share news of the work and opportunities provided by and for Club Liverpool, of which Howard is Chair.

Chris Brown and Rachel Bampton-Aiken also spoke about the strength of the LCR Leadership Team and MIPIM programme highlights. Liz Brown talked us through the logistics of MIPIM.

There’s great anticipation of a big year for Liverpool in 2024 and the afternoon’s talks were testament to that. It really looks like the city is going to fulfill its long-awaited potential in terms of growth prospects this year.


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