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What the Term ‘PR’ Really Means in ‘Ubiquity PR’

By Joel Jelen

PR as a term still confuses the hell out of many prospective businesses looking at their marketing strategy and spend so we thought we’d just reiterate what PR actually looks like when you hire us.

Far from just speaking with print, broadcast and online editors on your behalf, here’s a list or toolkit if you like, of all the things you, with our help, could be using to drive your business now and in 2022:

1, Publicity (Strategy, releases, Agenda Articles, Listicles, Blogs, Vlogs, pods, self-publishing, calendar day lists, media-business-entrepreneur awards applications, hashtags, keywords, agreed media distribution lists with deadlines & forthcoming features lists, trade press research for topical angles)

2, Events (Strategy, showcases, anniversaries, networking events, collaborations with affinity partners)

3, Networking (Strategy, business development, panel appearances, speaker opportunities, list of networking groups & respective event dates)

4, Marketing (Strategy, newsletters, flyers, social media & metrics, lists of influencers, list of forums, brochures, digital/web branding, trademark protection, target audience data).

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Pic: The wellness book launch event at The Bridewell in the summer in Liverpool for author Kim Rutherford and her 8 Wise Ways


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