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By Joel Jelen

Joel Jelen writes…

It’s a wet and windy old evening in town tonight.

Still loads to smile about though.

Look at the view through my lens for starters!

Earlier, I was trying to park by the Central Library but all the meters were cash only and I was shy by a pound.

I could see in the distance amidst the horizontal rain and gales, a traffic warden walking slowly towards me in the grim conditions.

I asked him, just in case, if the machines took cards and he said they were being upgraded to do that next week. Fair enough.

Before I could say anything else, he said, “whaddya need lad?”

I said “it’s okay, I’m shy by a quid, I’ll go and find some change.”

He replied: “Here are mate,” gave me a quid and got on his way!

I may be generalising here but…that is so typical of Liverpool and Scousers.

This morning I read that Time Out Group plc’s ‘Time Out’ magazine ranked Liverpool the seventh best city in the world. Only London, my home city, was higher.

That, of course, puts Liverpool in the two best cities in the UK.

Never mind London, honestly, where else would a traffic warden give you money to help you park?!

Next year is my 30th anniversary in the city.

And it’s days like today and that little bit of help from a complete stranger that is a constant reminder that the best thing i ever did was move to Liverpool ❤️

Read The Guide Liverpool Time Out article here……/

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