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You Ferment to Read This…Says Joel Jelen

By Joel Jelen

I admit that i’m about to get in a pickle writing this.

“Count the nutrition not the calories.” That message from nutritonists back in the 70s still rarely ranks in national hospitality media outlets who this week (based on coverage) continue to focus on calorie counting and labelling culture.

What about more headlines on nutrition-dense food & drink? It’s good fermental health as well as physical.

Sorry to sauer the show but food produced that is low in calories is often achieved artificially. Why ask your immune system to battle with unnaturally produced food? And why deny yourself the nutrients from natural food? Mark Waldron Margaret Bell i know you agree! Two food culture vultures right there!

I am always on the lookout for new health and well-being related clients to work with and as is often the case in the industry, it’s the passion-led, heartfelt, sharp, sustainability-led indie operators that are leading the way. Hats off then to Amy Yarker and Sam Watson who really cut the mustard with their business The Fermentation Station UK demonstrating the benefits of fermented food & drink.

It’s very well documented in this article along with their dream (these two don’t know kefir of failure), alongside all the collaborations they’re doing with other businesses in Liverpool

Fermented foods are nothing new but if they are new to you, they improve the health of your digestion and immunity. They are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics eh Pete Williams

Wishing you good fortune with the krautfunding campaign Amy and Sam which i know ends in 5 days on April 10th.

Rise to the occasion folks and contribute here

And finally much appreciated Geraldine Fuller, the sauce of the intro to Sam and Amy. Thank you for saying “it was the yeast” you could do


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